Draft Services of Virginia

Draft Services of Virginia provides professional draft beer services throughout the Southeastern Virginia region.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, we provide premium design, installation, troubleshooting and general service of any draft beer system.

We specialize in single, direct-draw, multi-tap, remote, and glycol chilled draft beer systems providing knowledgeable, customer-oriented professional services to numerous restaurants, bars, pubs and residential homes.

Draft Services of Virginia can design, install, and maintain your draft beer system to ensure minimal downtime and maximum profit.

Chris Smith

As Draft Services of Virginia’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Chris is committed to optimizing the efficiency of the customer’s draft systems and the overall quality of the poured product. His goal is—through premium service— enabling customers to enhance their beer and wine profitability.

Chris’s commercial experience is in asset yield and utilization. He has an extensive background in product management, having previously managed a half billion dollars in railroad equipment for Norfolk Southern, supporting customers like MillerCoors. Chris’s passion for quality draft beer stems from his college football days back in the nineties at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon. However, Chris’s profession in draft services came later because after September 11th he joined the Marines. In the Marines, Chris served as a helicopter pilot, weapons and tactics instructor, and safety analyst as he found his way to Norfolk, Virginia.

After serving, he started home brewing, re-immersed himself in the craft beer industry, and earned his MBA at NC State. While in graduate school, Chris interned for Fullsteam Brewery in Durham and collaborated with Catawba Brewing Co in Asheville assisting with their strategic growth plans. Fittingly, his favorite beers are Revenuers Red and Cack-a-lacky, ideally draft poured from a professionally installed, properly balanced keg to tap system along clean and cool lines.


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